WMU Research Agenda and Project Highlights/Partnerships for Knowledge Generation

In ICLEI’s Global Research Strategy, partnerships take center stage. To achieve the scale of transformation required to address the climate emergency, identifying and building key collaborations is crucial. This primarily means avoiding working in silos and actively partnering with organizations across research, policy, and practice. At the start of this session, a selection of ICLEI’s exciting existing and new strategic partnerships will be showcased. This list includes United Nations University, the Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities and EPIC-Network. Collaboration is integral for impact in the sustainability arena. On this note, we are excited to launch the peer-reviewed book titled Resilient Smart Cities: Theoretical and Empirical Insights edited by Ayyoob Sharifi and Pourya Salehi and published by Springer. This publication is the result of collaboration between researchers and practitioners, including various ICLEI global offices, local governments and academic partners.
After sharing how ICLEI’s partnerships drive research and innovation, the session will continue with a panel discussion by the World Maritime University.