Travelling to Malmö

Travel to Malmö

  • Getting to Malmö

    By Plane

    The easiest, fastest, and most sustainable way to get to Malmö from the Copenhagen Airport is by train! We encourage all participants to choose this option. Trains in Sweden are safe, clean, and fast.

    The train leaves every 20 minutes for the City of Malmö and takes only 20 minutes to arrive at Malmö Central Station. You must buy a ticket for the train before boarding. When you arrive at your gate, just follow the signs to the exit and you will be led to the ticket kiosks. If you prefer, you can also buy tickets in the App provided by the local transportation company Skånetrafiken. From Malmö Central Station, it is a 5 minute walk to Malmö Live.

    By Train

    If you are arriving by train, you will be able to connect directly to Malmö Central Station. From Malmö Central Station, it is a 5 minute walk to Malmö Live.

  • Getting around Malmö

    As a participant you are offered free, accessible and fossil-free public transport within Malmö. Walking, cycling and public transport is the first choice for all who work, live or visit in Malmö. With everything nearby, it’s easy to experience Malmö in a sustainable and healthy way. 

    You will have free access to bikes and more than 500 km of cycle paths to choose from.  Participants will be able to rent a bike through Malmö by Bike, tickets will be first come first serve. There are 100 rental bike stations all over the city that are open all year round and around the clock. 

    The buses are run by the transit company Skånetrafiken.  You can find timetables for bus and trains etc. on their website. You can buy tickets through their App or from a ticket machine at Malmö Central station, Triangeln station or Hyllie station, or at Skånetrafiken’s service center at Malmö Central station. For more information about prices and timetable, please use the App or visit the service center.

    Public transport in Malmö is powered by renewable energy. Most buses run on biogas and the share of all-electric buses is increasing. That way we contribute to making the city more sustainable and the urban environment is also becoming quieter.  Read more about electric buses and other sustainable initiatives here

  • Experiencing Sweden

    Make the most of your stay in Sweden by checking the following events happening around the ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022:

    2-7 May 2022, Sustainability Week (Lund)

    Sustainability Week is an annual event in Lund, Malmö’s neighboring city, organised as a joint venture by Lund University and the City of Lund. Sustainability week serves as a platform for bringing together ideas, for cross-disciplinary collaborations, for raising public awareness and for inspiring sustainable change. A wide arrange of events and seminars is organized for the public during the week.

    For more information, check the event website here.

    9-10 May 2022, The Ocean Literacy Action Conference (Malmö):

    The Ocean Literacy Action Conference of 2022 will take place two days in May (9th-10th) in Malmö, Sweden. The aim is to inspire, learn, debate and drive action for the marine environment with focus on ocean literacy.

    Host is the City of Malmö together with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the Ocean Literacy Action Conference is a part of the Swedish contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030.

    The conference targets individuals and organizations from all sectors that recognizes the importance of achieving ocean literacy as a way of implementing the sustainable development goals, especially Goal 14: Life Below Water.

    For more information, check the event website here.

     19-22 May, Southern Sweden Design Days:

    Southern Sweden Design Days is an annual event that highlights and builds knowledge about design – focusing on sustainability, collaboration, development, and innovation. For four days, a platform is created showcasing a full range of design disciplines through seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and networking events.

    For more information, check the event website here.

    1-3 June 2022, H22, Urban Future (Helsingborg):

    H22 is a major initiative by Helsingborg and its citizens to develop the city of the future. It is aimed at solving the numerous sustainability challenges while improving quality of life. H22 consists of two parts:

    H22 is a city-wide innovation initiative.
    It’s about the journey towards becoming a sustainable city, and a massive collaborative effort between citizens, businesses and the municipality.

    H22 is a City Expo.
    Join more than 1m visitors at the 35-day international event between May 30 – July 3, 2022 that will showcase the innovation work so far and use Helsingborg as a test bed for solutions from around the world.

    For more information, check the event website here.

    2-3 June 2022, Stockholm +50 (Stockholm):

    In 2022 it will be fifty years since the first United Nations conference on the human environment – the 1972 Stockholm Conference. The Government of Sweden will host a UN, high-level meeting in June 2022 to commemorate this anniversary. The aim is to contribute to accelerating a transformation that leads to sustainable and green economies, more jobs, and a healthy planet for all, where no one is left behind.

    For more information, check the event website here.

  • What to pack

    The Malmö Summit aims to be a sustainable event. The drinking water in the City of Malmö is high quality and perfectly safe to drink. Please bring your own water bottle as disposable cups will not be provided.

    There is no strict dress code for The Malmö Summit but consider business or business casual attire for the main congress components and something that would be comfortable enough for 12 May when you will be going out in the city for your selected Mobile Workshop. Due to the Mobile Workshops and outdoor dinner, we recommend comfortable, warm clothing. Bring layers as the weather in Sweden can be unpredictable in Spring and we suggest that you bring a rain jacket and a comfortable pair of shoes (please do not wear stilettos to the outdoor dinner as they may catch in the wood flooring).


Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live 
Dag Hammarskjölds torg 2
211 18 Malmö

Located in the city center, Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live is a new landmark in the skyline of the City of Malmö. Conveniently situated next to Malmö central station – where a train can take you to Copenhagen Airport in 17 minutes. The four-story building is within walking distance of many great restaurants, sights and activities.