Sustainable Malmö

The Malmö Summit - A sustainable event

The Malmö Summit is environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base Standard (Svensk Miljöbas). This means that ICLEI and City of Malmö have implemented around 50 actions to reduce negative impact on the environment and to be more socially responsible.

ICLEI World Congress Malmö 2022 – the Sustainability Vision
Learning from each other and sharing experiences is fundamental for pushing forward towards the future we want. The pandemic has taught us that much can – and should – be done online, especially when it comes to global events. But it has also taught us that real meetings matter, that something happens when you meet in real life that can’t be replaced by virtual solutions.
The dilemma is, of course, that all events have a negative impact on the environment. However, we believe that this congress has such a potential for bringing about sustainable solutions, to act as an inspiration and to raise the level of both learning and awareness, that the positive impacts will outweigh the negative. These aspects will have a long-lasting effect on communities all over the world. However, minimizing the negative impact must be the leading star of the Malmö Summit: from the planning of the event to execution, and from the moment you start looking into your travel arrangements until you are back from the conference. Everyone must make smart choices to make this happen, it applies to organisers, participants, sponsors, and partners.

The Malmö Summit is designed for limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and other resources. The congress also aims to have a positive impact on the local community. Measures are taken within ten areas, here are some examples:

  1. All venues are centrally located so participants can easily get around. The main venue, Malmö Live (part of Nordic Choice Hotel) has high sustainability ambitions.
  2. Nordic Choice Hotels want to show that impact on the climate can be reduced even within large hotel operations. Therefore, all their hotels are ISO 14001 certified. Read more here: WeCare – Social Responsibility | Nordic Choice Hotels
  1. The aim is to minimize purchases and support sustainable choices, for example by avoiding single use material, printed material and limiting exhibition material.
  2. Gifts and give-aways are kept to a minimum and carefully chosen to support local businesses and with low environmental impact.
  3. The purchase policy for the City of Malmö states that environmental impact must be taken into consideration. Sponsors of the Malmö Summit will have to be active within ICLEI’s five pathways.
  1. Responsible waste management is a leading star. That means, in descending order of priority: avoiding, minimizing, reusing or recycling.
  2. Waste separation bins are available and food waste is sorted out.
  1. The mobility policy for the City of Malmö will be applied to the event. That means participants should walk, wheel or cycle when possible, use public transport instead of taxi or car, and choose train before flight.  
  2. ICLEI will climate compensate necessary flights by employees. 
  3. If taxi or buses are used during the congress they will be environmentally approved.  
  1. City of Malmö only uses renewable energy in its own operations. 
  2. Clarion Malmö Live uses geothermal heating and solar. The venue is equipped with several energy efficient solutions. 
  1. During the congress, climate friendly vegetarian food will be served, with a high percentage of ecological products (minimum 30%). Use of locally produced products is encouraged. 
  2. All coffee/tea served at the “fika” breaks (coffee breaks) will be organic and Fairtrade. 
  3. No bottled water will be served. Swedish tap water has high quality and tap water stations will be available. 
  1. All the recommended hotels have effective and comprehensive environmental policies and operations.
  1. Guidelines for sustainability are provided to coordinators, committees and contractors to the congress with the aim to educate and inspire continued mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, minimal environmental impact, and healthy, sustainable societies. 
  2. Social activities offered during the congress will encourage the visitors to explore a sustainable Malmö. 
  1. New guidelines for equitable events are adopted by the city of Malmö and will be used to ensure that ICLEI World Congress 2021–2022 in Malmö is a non-discriminatory, accessible and inclusive congress, at all levels and stages of the work process. 
  1. Leftover food from the conference will be donated in cooperation with local associations. 
  2. Young, unemployed citizens will get work practice during the congress. 
  3. The amount of exhibition material will be restricted. Recommendations are being prepared. 
  4. Livestreaming will increase accessibility to the congress.

About Malmö

The City of Malmö is the commercial center of southern Sweden and truly an international city with about 350,000 inhabitants representing over 180 different nationalities. A city with an industrial past, Malmö has transformed itself into a thriving knowledge city which supports its young, inquisitive and creative population – almost half of Malmö’s residents are under the age of 35.

Over the last years Malmö has received many international awards for its focus on sustainable urban development and pilot projects such as the European housing exhibition Bo01, the Western Harbour, the redevelopment of Augustenborg, as well as the major development of the Hyllie area, with its smart grid, solar energy and passive housing. Malmö was also appointed the first Fairtrade City of Sweden. An ICLEI Member since 1996, Malmö is working actively for sustainability initiatives and is the first city in Sweden that has publicly announced the commitment to implement the UN SDG’s.

Experience Sustainable Malmö

Wondering what World Congress 2021-2022 has in store for you as an attendee? Be sure not to miss one of the highlights, a mobile workshop series, organised by the City of Malmö itself.

At total for 13 workshops, spanning sustainability topics from urban food systems to neighbourhood regeneration and energy transformations await. The workshops include getting out and about in Malmö and seeing first hand how sustainability measures are being implemented.

See all Mobile Workshops

Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the City of Malmö signed ‘A Declaration of Cities’ Commitment to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda’, committing to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by approving an integrated and holistic development strategy by 2020 – a Local 2030 Agenda. This ambition will be achieved by integrating the SDGs in the City Council’s goals and as part of the budget process. By integrating the SDGs in the city’s steering and management systems, it will become clear in what way the city operations and activities contribute to a more sustainable city and world.

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