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Premium Sponsor of the ICLEI World Congress 2021 - 2022: The Malmö Summit and Co-Sponsor of the Climate Neutrality Track

Marc Hoffmann, Country Head Sweden / CEO Customer Solutions:

“In order to cope with climate change, it is necessary that we switch energy from fossil fuels to renewable and recycled, and that we use energy in the smartest possible way. At E.ON, we are proud to do so in close collaboration with the city of Malmö; together we drive Malmö’s sustainable growth. During the ICLEI World Congress 2021 – 2022, we will share several examples of how E.ON works with sustainable urban development. Above all, we will focus on ectogrid, one of the decentralized energy systems of the future that can help us reach zero emission levels – in a neighborhood, in an area or in entire cities.

We look forward to exciting days!”

E.ON at a glance

E.ONs core business comprises of two major pillars: smart distribution networks and innovative energy solutions. The electricity networks are the backbone of the energy transition and the expansion of renewable energy. Operation of these are the foundation of livable cities, communities and regions. Innovative and sustainable energy solutions make it possible for E.ONs customers to control their energy consumption. With district heating and cooling, solar energy, eMobility, energy storage, energy efficiency and solutions for sharing energy, customers can both reduce their costs and climate emissions, and increase their comfort and quality of life.

Watch E.ON’s virtual side event at The Malmö Summit: Case study of E.ON ectogrid™ in European city development projects

Europe has a strong and evolving eco-system of technological industries, ranging from cleantech and smart materials to critical infrastructure and life-science. In addition, the importance of smart and sustainable cities has never been more relevant, which is why E.ON invites to a session about how we with joint forces can decarbonize cities in a smart, efficient and sustainable way.

In this session you will get an introduction to ectogrid™ and a deep dive into some projects where ectogrid™ is implemented. You will get a deeper understanding of how ectogrid™ can be one among other solutions that enables decarbonization.


  • Anette Blücher, Director Energy Infrastructure Solutions, E.ON Nordics, Sweden
  • Luigi Pisante, Head of City Energy Solutions, E.ON Italy
  • Kishan Barot, Director Essent Energy Infrastructure Solutions, E.ON Netherlands
  • Erik Jagesten, CEO, Medicon Village Fastighets AB, Sweden

The City of London is an extremely busy and thriving place in London. It has an ambitious sustainability agenda with the eventual aim of becoming a zero emissions city, making it a cleaner and greener place for everyone who visits it.

To make this happen, one answer is tri-generation networks like E.ON’s Citigen. This hidden power station buried in the heart of London supplies decentralized district energy, a lower carbon and cost-efficient source of energy, right into the heart of The City.

Stefan Håkansson, Global Director City Energy Solutions and CEO E.ON Business Solutions, shares his thoughts on the way towards a sustainable future, promising energy solutions, and how E.ON helps their customers to deliver on their sustainability targets.

Annette Blücher, Director Energy Infrastucture Solutions Nordic at E.ON Sweden, is working with her team to provide innovative solutions to drive down CO2 emissions; from innovative low-temperature solutions to re-cycling wasted energy.

Find out more about how E.ON ectogrid™ through sharing, balancing, and storing energy in rotation efficiently uses all available energy flows before adding new energy. This makes it possible to decrease both environmental impact and energy consumption within a city. A true revolution that will help us reach zero emission levels and transform the energy market.