SW1 – E.ON ectogrid™: A smart scalable energy-efficient solution of the future

SW1 - E.ON ectogrid™: A smart scalable energy-efficient solution of the future

Urbanization, sustainability, and electrification are drivers in shaping the new decentral energy landscape. There is a big potential to improve the utilization of excess energy with a new generation of energy solutions.

E.ON ectogrid™ is a decentralised energy system of the future: A scalable and energy-efficient solution that can produce all necessary heating and cooling in one system. Using unique technology built on harnessing the power of low temperatures, distributed heat pumps, digitalization, intermittent renewable energy, and storage, E.ON ectogrid™ is the solution that can help us reach zero emission levels – in a city block or surrounding area.

Join us in our interactive workshop to get a deep dive into our E.ON ectogrid™ technology. How does it work and how can cities benefit from this optimized energy system?

Also experience our ectoTable that demonstrates the system and how the connected area’s buildings share, balance and store energy in rotation when you position, twist and turn models of buildings on an interactive screen.


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E.ON ectogrid™ – A Smart Scalable Energy-Efficient Solution of the future

Find out more about how E.ON ectogrid™  through sharing, balancing, and storing energy in rotation  efficiently uses all available energy flows before adding new energy. This makes it possible to decrease both environmental impact and energy consumption within a city. A true revolution that will help us reach zero emission levels and transform the energy market.