SW2 – How to make great climate action plans

SW2 - How to make great climate action plans

Cities become change makers when they include stakeholders across the entire city organization and provide compelling evidence to support their stated plans and actions.

Only then do they provide the confidence that city stakeholders and investors need to get involved, support, champion and see projects through to completion.

In this workshop, we’ll provide a special preview of the new Climate Plan Visualisation in ClimateOS and discuss the importance of broadly communicating city climate plans, using an integrated digital platform.


  • Discover the latest configuration of the ClimateOS dashboard and learn all the ways in which it supports climate action, from facilitating collaboration and synergies, to highlighting gaps and tracking progress
  • Take a peek under the hood and understand the powerful model making the dashboard truly evidence-based
  • Evaluate how this new visualization can impact the story being told and get people together in support of your transition
  • Gain free priority access to the platform



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